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Enable better notifications in Microsoft Edge

By default, Microsoft Edge uses the default Windows notification system for web notifications. One major annoyance about this system is that when multiple notifications arrive, they are shown one at a time, and if there is something that one wants to click below it (e.g. an antivirus popup or a button in a program), one will have to keep dismissing the notifications as they come. Google Chrome (and Microsoft Edge) have their own notification system. These notifications stack if multiple arrive and, in my opinion, look way better than the Windows notification system.

In Chrome, you can enable using Chrome's notification system using a flag in chrome://flags - simply set the flag #enable-system-notifications to Disabled. This flag, however, is not present in the edge://flags page in Edge. But, as I have discovered, the functionality is still implemented and the flag can still be disabled.

To enable usage of the browser's notification system in Microsoft Edge, first close all Edge windows. Then, simply navigate to %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data in File Explorer and open the Local State file located there with a text editor such as Notepad or Visual Studio Code. Look or search for (Ctrl + F) the text "enabled_labs_experiments":[. This key contains the preferences you have modified from their default values in the edge://flags page. Add the value "enable-system-notifications@2" to the beginning of the list so that it looks like the below examples.

If you have other modified flags (the mentioned key looked like "enabled_labs_experiments":["another-flag-name@0","yet-another-flag-name@1","etc..."] when you found it):


If you do not have other modified flags (the mentioned key looked like "enabled_labs_experiments":[] when you found it):


This will enable the browser's notification system (by setting "use the OS's notification system" (enable-system-notifications) to "Disabled"). Restart the browser and try it below!

(make sure you click "Accept" or "Allow")