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The "Games" section has been updated to the Game Hub. It is best viewed on a computer or laptop, not a mobile device.

The Platformer

The Platformer is far from an easy game. Many have given up after a few tries. I have completed the whole thing from start to finish (so it is possible). Some levels have a certain method of solving them, while others require you to move in midair and fit into a hole above you that is exactly your width. Some levels are carefully calculated to be just at the limit of the player's capabilities, just short of impossible. But they are tested, and are not impossible. If you can't get past the first level (tutorial is level 0), here's a trick:

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List of levels in The Platformer (with difficulty ratings)

  1. Tutorial (Level 0) Easy
  2. hello world Easy
  3. high jump Easy
  4. timewaste Easy
  5. disappearing blocks Normal
  6. successive failures Hard
  7. decisions Easy
  8. don't mess up now Intermediate
  9. obstacle Normal
  10. squashed Intermediate
  11. elevator Easy
  12. the great switch Easy
  13. rising tide Intermediate
  14. pool splash Easy
  15. water tank Easy
  16. towering heights Very Hard
  17. the bomb Easy
  18. security system Advanced
  19. portals Easy
  20. balancing act Very Hard
  21. the end Easy

The Slot Machine

Rest assured, the Slot Machine is not rigged in any way (unless you are in OP Mode, where you always win!). Do the math and look at the code:

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A note about OP Mode, Bomber Mode, and The Platformer Player Skins

In order to unlock OP Mode and Bomber Mode, you must complete The Platformer start to finish in any mode other than No Permanent Death Mode.

In order to unlock a skin pack with the requirement "Level 5", for example, you must complete level 5 (not just reach it) in any mode other than No Permanent Death Mode.

Note: No Permanent Death Mode was originally created for practice and for competition.