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Google Is Stalking You

And it's probably happening right now.

Google knows where you are.

Google knows where you have been.

Google knows what you've searched.

Google knows your age.

Google knows something you started typing in Gmail or Inbox and didn't even save it as a draft and backspaced it.

Google knows your deleted email drafts.

Google knows your emails.

Google knows who you are friends with.

Google knows something you started typing in the Google search box, but backspaced it after typing the first few letters of a word.

Google knows most of the websites you have ever visited, be it in Chrome or Firefox (Firefox sends your website requests to Google's blacklist), normal mode or private/incongito mode.

Google knows your interests.

Google knows your relationships, such as your parents (and children if you have any).

In the near future, Google will know your DNA sequences, and in turn, the diseases that you are prone to, your ethnic origin, and much more.