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Here is everything bad about this page:

  1. The "HOME" button is unnecessary on the home page.
  2. The "HOME" button on the home page is completely covering the word "a" in the sentence above and below it. Rotating rectangular buttons like this is not a good idea in most situations.
  3. The word "ex." in the home page should not be abbreviated in the context.
  4. The word "a" in the home page (the one covered by the "HOME" button) is before the word "ex.", which starts with a vowel, so it should be "an".
  5. This page is called "newfile.html", which is a very non-user-friendly name.
  6. There are many empty comments in the source code.
  7. There are many empty <style> and <script> tags in the source code.
  8. There are many spelling mistakes throughout the site.
  9. There is no "back" button on this page, which makes users have to click in the menu bar tab "Bad Site" or click the "back" button in their browser.
  10. The word "sentence" is erroneously spelled as "sentance".
  11. The word "poorly" is made up of 6 span tags, one for each letter.
  12. The page places a useless cookie on your browser.
  13. The page contains a mistyped piece of code, <meta characterset="UTF-8">, which should be written as <meta charset="UTF-8">.
  14. There is a <javascript>…</javascript> tag, which should be just <script>…</script>.
  15. And more...