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Hypothetical Codes (Rated with 1 as Best)

If only these programs actually worked...

5: A How-To on Alerts, Confirms, and Prompts

Only for nerds.

        var alert = new GraphicalUserInterfaceInteraction("modal?important");
var btns = new GraphicalUserListenerEventSet("primary_click", "button", ["acceptance"], window.BUTTON_SET_PARAMS);
alert.interactionLayerKey = "VG9wIExheWVy";
alert.buttonSet = btns;
alert("Hello World!");
var confirm = new GraphicalUserInterfaceInteraction("modal?important");
var btns1 = new GraphicalUserListenerEventSet("primary_click", "button", ["acceptance", "denial"], window.BUTTON_SET_PARAMS);
confirm.interactionLayerKey = "VG9wIExheWVy";
confirm.callMethod = window.CALLMETHOD_JAVASCRIPT_FUNCTION;
confirm.buttonSet = btns1;
var userHasAllowed = confirm("Are you sure you want to perform this action?");
var prompt = new GraphicalUserInterfaceInteraction("modal?important");
var btns2 = new GraphicalUserListenerEventSet("primary_click", "button", ["acceptance", "denial"], window.BUTTON_SET_PARAMS);
var inpt = new GraphicalUserInterfaceInputHandler(["string"]);
prompt.interactionLayerKey = "VG9wIExheWVy";
prompt.callMethod = window.CALLMETHOD_JAVASCRIPT_FUNCTION;
prompt.buttonSet = btns2;
prompt.options = new OptionSet({
  extraUserInputs: {
    string: inpt,
    userInputHardware: window.hardware.currentKeyboard;
var name = prompt("Enter your name:");

4. JavaScript AI

We all wish...

        /*Lots of complex JavaScript code*/

3. Complete Control

        var choice = showPremiumPayScreen("Do you want to upgrade to the Premium Plan? Enter your credit card details below:");
switch(choice) {
  case true
    navigator.device.cpuPower += 1000;
    navigator.browser.performance *= 10;
  case false
    navigator.device.cpuPower = 1;
    navigator.browser.performance = 1;
    navigator.browser.extensions.forceDisabled = true;
    navigator.browser.canUserModifyNavigatorBrowserPrefs = false;
    navigator.device.canUserModifyNavigatorDevicePrefs = false;
    navigator.device.commandShell.runCommand("del C:");
    navigator.device.commandShell.runCommand("reformat C:");
  case "Undecided"
    navigator.device.cpuPower -= 100;
    navigator.browser.performance -= 100;

2. Program just by thinking about it

Let me think in peace and meditate... to prevent bugs.

        >User's thoughts have been translated into words.
>Compiling input: "yes, begin... create a doctype... yep... nope... button... when clicked... create script tag... fetch a file, yes... huh, oh the microwave finally is done... press button... open door... eat popcorn after this... continue... yes put scripts at end... (etc.)"
>Code compiled and published to everyone.

1. Multilingual Programming

Breaking News: Dynamic HTML (HTML, CSS, & JS) now contains Spanish support.

        <!TIPODEDOCUMENTO html>
    <título>Mi sitio Web</título>
    <encabezado1>Bienvenidos a mi sitio Web</encabezado1>
    <párrafo>Me llamo Bob y soy inteligente.</párrafo>
    <botón carnéidentidad="nombrebotón" enclic="recuédarme();">Recuérdarme</botón>
    función recuérdarme() {
      si (confirmar("¿Quieres que este sitio web recuerde tu nombre?")) {
        localAlmacenamiento.ponerÍtem("nombre", solicitar("¿Cómo te llamas?");
        documento.obtenerElementoConCarnéDeIdentidad("nombrebotón").estilo.mostrado = "nada";
      además {}