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How to get SimOS Application Suite back in SimOS v2.6.3

SimOS Application Suite has been disabled by default in SimOS v2.6.3. Here's how to re-enable it.

SimOS Application Suite (SAS) was something that made SimOS more than twice as useful and productive. However, after the release of SEE/2.0 (SimOS Executable Environment 2.0), the most used applications in SimOS became integrated in SimOS itself - Webtron and Calculator have been updated to use SEE/2.0, and the Clock desktop widget is no longer necessary because SimOS now has a built-in clock on the taskbar. Mail and password services are now offered on the Internet.

Still, many people liked it, and if you want to get it back, here's how.

  1. Go to Settings and enable the switch Allow access to protected system files.
    The SimOS settings window with the "Allow access to protected system files" switch enabled.
  2. Open File Manager and open the Feature Manager (ftrmgr.exe) at: %COMPUTER%\C:\System Files\$SYS\ManagementTools\ftrmgr.exe
  3. Check SimOS Application Suite and Legacy SimOS Execution Environment (SEE/1.0).
    The SimOS Feature Manager with both of those options enabled. You may see more options if you are using a later build of SimOS.
  4. Click Apply Changes.
  5. The SimOS Application Suite should now be located in %COMPUTER%\C:\Program Files\SimOS Application Suite\.