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OldPlayer bundled malware

OldPlayer is dead. We now can embed videos directly into website code without the use of OldCodec.

OldCodec was great in its time. It was an easy, effortless way to embed pictures and videos into websites. Now, you cannot be called a modern web developer if you use OldCodec just to embed an image on a website. Using OldCodec for videos at least makes a little sense. Now that we have lots of popular file formats, the .OCIMG (OldCodec Image) image file extension is no longer needed.

One of OldPlayer Technologies Inc's worst practices was to bundle their software with downright malware. There are small-font pre-checked checkboxes for three programs: "Super Toolbar Pack", "Viper Antivirus", and "EZPower".

The OldPlayer Installer window with the bundled malware options pre-checked.

Even the code is simpler. Here is the code for the above image in the OldCodec Format (EDIT: The OldPlayer Installer.ocimg file has been deleted):

      <embed src="/media/OldPlayer%20Installer.ocimg" type="application/oc-image" style="width: 50%; height: 50%;"></embed>

And here is the code for the above image in PNG format:

      <img src="/media/OldPlayer%20Installer.png" style="width: 50%; height: 50%;">

Here at SimTech Corp, we installed OldPlayer and its bundled malware on a virtual machine. The results were horrendous (we saved the two most shocking ones for last):

Lesson learned: Be careful of pre-checked boxes when you install. Don't just rapidly click through the dialogs.

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