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PrivNet VPN router hacked, thousands of usernames, passwords, and personal info leaked

The user @h4x0r on FriendShare recently posted a database file called authdat.db containing the usernames, passwords, email addresses, network data, IP addresses, visited websites, and other personal information of the 2000+ users of PrivNet VPN, a popular VPN service.

When asked about the data breach, PrivNet VPN stated: "It was probably an exploitation of a server vulnerability. We check every week for bugs and vulnerabilities like the one that @h4x0r exploited."

However when we asked @h4x0r (who preferred to be referred to as @h4x0r) about his methods, he stated: "Some random employee put the router password as "abc123" and put it in the password hint. In the file manager I saw the authdat.db file, and a button next to it that said "Share on FriendShare". Of course, I clicked on it."

Webtron News has confirmed this statement. The password hint on that router read:

hi boss after yesterdays lecture on corporate security i decided to be super secure so i changed the password for this router to abc123

When asked about this, PrivNet VPN led an investigation to find out the employee who did that. His name was Samuel Palmer, and they immediately fired him. When inquired about the password hint and his firing, Palmer declined to comment.