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SimTech employee programs backdoor into PrivWeb restriction for himself

SimTech employee Chris Moore couldn't resist piracy.

Last week, a backdoor was discovered in SimOS. However, it shocked other employees even more when they saw that it was programmed by a fellow employee, Chris Moore. Furthermore, Chris Moore also published a terminal application called PrivWebtron (run Install-AppPackage -P privwebtron to install), which sent a certain Webtron API call that disabled the in-built restriction of the pw: protocol that was recently introduced in SimOS.

Officials allegedly found that he was using the backdoor to access The Pirate Ship (stylized The P1rat3 5h1p), a common pirating website located on the PrivWeb at pw://p1rat3_5h1p/, to pirate three movies he claimed to his co-workers that he would watch soon.