⚠ This page exists only for archival purposes. The SimOS Application Suite (SAS) is now deprecated - however, Webtron and Calculator have been renovated and are now standalone applications that come with SimOS. Clock has been integrated into SimOS itself and is now in the taskbar. As a result of the aforementioned actions, if you try to enable SAS via ftrmgr.exe (Feature Manager) in %COMPUTER%\System Files\$SYS\ManagementTools\ftrmgr.exe, only the Clock application will be installed. Please note that the Clock application requires SEE/1.0, which must be enabled in Feature Manager.

About the SAS (SimOS Application Suite)

We are on a mission: to provide you with the best, most secure, and easiest-to-use operating system. That's why we created SimOS Application Suite - a set of programs that you can use for work and play. Access the World Wide Web, check your eMail, calculate mathematical expressions, and more!

The SAS consists of five programs: