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SimTech programmer releases Unbloat

Is your computer forever stuck with corrupted power files and OldPlayer bundled bloatware? SimTech employee Devon Solomon has made an easy solution.

If you forgot to uncheck the pre-checked boxes in the OldPlayer installer and installed all that bundled bloatware on your computer (we wrote an article about this too), your computer probably gets a notification asking for your credit card number for the Viper Antivirus bloatware's premium plan "ViPro" every 3 minutes, and you probably can't shut down or restart the computer (and you probably can't lock your computer if you clicked the "Fix Problems Now" button in the viper_antivirus.exe program).

This simple program removes all traces of the bloatware from your computer. Just download it, click the "Unbloat my computer" button, and you're all set! You can even delete the program when you're done.

You can download Unbloat using the button below.