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Microsoft claims Windows is "much better" than SimOS

In a statement that Microsoft Corp released yesterday, it blatantly claims that Windows is "much better than" SimOS. Here is the statement:

Windows is recommended by Microsoft over SimOS, as Windows is much better than SimOS. Windows contains better features such as a better file manager, a better customizable Settings app, an out-of-the-box mail client (the Mail app), and more customizability, control, and power overall.

Blatant lies. Of course, we compiled a table of similar things in Windows and SimOS.

Windows Feature SimOS Feature
Windows Taskbar Clock - A clock with no option to show seconds without having to click on the taskbar clock. SimOS Taskbar Clock - A clock that can be configured to either show or not show seconds.
Windows File Explorer - A file manager that wastes time. SimOS File Manager - A file manager that can be viewed in a tree-like format, increasing productivity and knowledge of which files are where.
Windows Calculator - A calculator with lots of unnecessary features. SimOS Calculator - A fast calculator that only has features that are actually used.
Microsoft Edge - A browser with almost no features at all and a blocky UI. Webtron - A powerful, versatile browser designed for the everyday web browsing experience.
Windows Settings - A settings app (again with a blocky UI) that confuses users with a truckload of useless non-productive settings. SimOS Settings - A highly customizable and comfortable application to make SimOS yours.
Windows 10 Home License Price - $119.99 SimOS License Price - FREE ($0.00)!!!


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