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PGP Digital Signature Verification

How to verify digital signatures. | 2018-10-15T21:38:00

  1. Download GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) from the official website at https://GnuPG.org/. NOTE: PGP (OpenPGP) refers to the encryption standard (PGP by itself may refer to the software owned by Symantec), while GPG refers to the GnuPG program.
  2. Import and verify (fingerprint: 17AFBEAE7C1E16FDBC58601B8FB568FBF17B10AB, key ID: 8FB5 68FB F17B 10AB) the CerebralDatabank PGP Public Key.
  3. If you have GpgEX, right-click on the file, choose the detached signature if it has a different name, right-click and choose "Verify" (which may be under "More GpgEX options"). To verify a signed plaintext message, simply copy-and-paste it into Kleopatra's Notepad (Kleopatra comes with Gpg4win) and click "Decrypt/Verify Notepad". If you only have access to the GPG CLI, refer to online GPG manuals.