CerebralDatabank Privacy Dashboard

⚠ NOTICE: This page is obsolete; though it still may rarely work, it is no longer in use. To disable local data storage, disable cookies and local storage in your browser settings.

The CerebralDatabank™ and CerebralDatabank's services handle your information in accordance with our Terms of Service. Most data is stored using the Web Storage API.

Privacy preferences data
We store data on your computer to remember the options that you have set on this page. If you delete this data, your privacy preferences will not be remembered. If you still want us to forget your privacy preferences, clear your cookies & site storage.
Functionality data
We store data on your computer to remember data required for site functionality, such as a saved file in an editor or a game highscore. Disabling this is not recommended, as it will cause pages on the site to break (e.g. a game not remembering that you finished level 12 and restarting at level 1).
Viewed notices data
We store data on your computer to remember any notices or messages you've already viewed. For example, if you click "Dismiss" on an "Our ToS has been updated" notice, we will not show it to you again. Disabling this will cause messages/notices you've already read to appear again.
Personal site preferences data
We store data on your computer to remember your personal site preferences (e.g. if you decide to block modal windows, show a debug panel in a game, or change your player skin in a game). Disabling this will cause the aforementioned personal site preferences to not be remembered; however, your privacy preferences, game progress, and viewed notices (see above) will be remembered.
CerebralDatabank Account System data (stored in Google Firebase)
We store data in the cloud using Google Firebase to sync data such as progress for certain games. To delete this data, please delete your CerebralDatabank Account. This category only applies if you have a CerebralDatabank Account. If you are sure that you want to delete your CerebralDatabank Account, click here.