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WARNING: May crash your browser.

Try to hover over all the squares and make them all green at the same time!

Make this your friend's default search engine and homepage for a cool prank!!!

One of this site's most popular pages! Now with cool new effects!

A place for my experimentation with SVG and CSS!

A little thing I made to test out the new okLCH color space in CSS.

Console-Themed Raw Text Editor just wasn't enough. Now, you can have automated code programs running on your computer like in the movies!!!

Read the contact info.

Best viewed in fullscreen

It actually works.

What if coding was like...

Will you pass your exam today? Will you get a good seat in the theater today? Time to find out...

Press H to hack

Just like the movies! URL query param example: timer.html?t=0h1m10s&pwd=password&penalty=10&nodefuse=false


A test for custom input boxes in pure HTML/CSS/JS